Abigar II

Abigar II z Peronówki

2015.11.06 (PL) Suwałki - radio5.com.pl

Abigar II z Peronówki

2013.11.23 (PL) Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Dogtrekking Dog Orient

We did it! Despite the fact that Przemo caught a cold and a short sleep (we woke up at 3:30), 300 km route by car in the mists we presented in Tomaszow in the morning and took part at Dog Orient.

We managed to take first place in the family category(because our pack is a family).

Impreza super zorganizowana, trasa przepiękna. 28 km (trochę zabłądziliśmy) przez łąki i lasy, błoto i bagna, a nawet 355 metrowy schron kolejowy dla pociągu sztabowego III Rzeszy.

Movie set - the eleventh century

Despite the sun, it was rainy and foggy on the set today. We're still travelling through the pages of history, this time somewhere in XIth century. Between new and old religion...



'AII' z Peronówki


Kasdeya z Peronówki & Astaroth II z Peronówki & Andras II z Peronówki & Alloces II z Peronówki & Abigar II z Peronówki

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